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Dark Atlanta

For All Of Atlanta's Alternative Nightlife

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Atlanta Area goth and alternative nightlife.
Dark Atlanta Google Events Calender

Are you tired of the same old club nights and events? This might be the community for you! Come join dark_atlanta for all of Atlanta's "Dark" or alternative events. This includes all goth/fetish/bdsm/electronic events, concerts, raves, conventions, munches, gallery openings and anything else you can think of that might pertain to alternative lifestyles. Please feel free to post anything you hear about!

Google Calender: I made a public google calender for events. I have added a few people for posting access. I would like to keep this as up to date as possible so if anyone else would like posting access let me know and i will add your email.

Dark Atlanta Google Events Calender

Community Guidelines:

~This is a events community board ONLY. Do not post anything in this community unless it relates to a future event in the Atlanta Area.
~Don't post about anything that is not in the Atlanta Area. (I know this is redundant but i have found it needs to be said)
~Don't ask 'what is going on tonight....' read the community or go to the calender to find out
~Don't post about your lame, crappy band and ask to go visit them on myspace.
~Don't post about auction or sales.
~Don't post 'we need help with....blah blah blah'~ place this in a post about the event or don't post this here.
~Don't post the same event more than once in the same DAY. It gets annoying. Put all you want to say in ONE post and don't post about it more than every couple of days. If you have something else to say about it, update your post!! If someone has posted about it, don't post about it again.
~Please don't be rude, it will get you BANNED!

Things of Interest:


Places to find electronic events:
Lunar Magazine has all the Electronica events around town and some in the southeast http://www.lunarmagazine.com/
EDM Planet more electronica events http://www.edmplanet.com
Surface Atlanta http://www.surfaceatl.com/

Electronica clubs:

Eleven50 (brings in great dj's from around the world) http://www.eleven50.com/ now known as Opera Opera Atlanta http://www.operaatlanta.com
The Mark http://www.themarkatlanta.com/
WetBar www.wetbaratlanta.com now primal
Lava Lounge

Goth/Kink friendly clubs:

The Shelter http://www.theshelteratl.com/
MJQ Wednesday Nights
The Jungle http://www.jungleclubatlanta.com/
Door 44 http://www.door44atlanta.com/index.php

Gay/ Lesbian Clubs

The Atlanta Eagle http://www.atlantaeagle.com/Intro.html
The Spot on Amsterdam
The Jungle http://www.jungleclubatlanta.com/

Mary's in East Atlanta

Goth/Fetish Events:

Mon Cherie's Club Fetish @ the Heretic http://www.facebook.com/#!/moncherie404
Secretroom: http://www.secretroom.net
Das Bunker @ the Shelter 3rd Friday of the Month
Phobia http://www.agoraphobiaproductions.com Currently on Hiatus


The High www.high.org
Micheal C. Carlos www.carlos.emory.edu
Fernbank fsc.fernbank.edu

Art House

Eye Drum (art house) http://www.eyedrum.org/
Doo Gallery www.doogallery.com
Apache Cafe (art mondays: great place if you would like to spend your mondays drawing, i am found there often)) http://www.apachecafe.info/
Young Blood youngbloodgallery.com
The Contemporary www.thecontemporary.org

Local Theaters

Dad's Garage theatre http://www.dadsgarage.com/
Push Push Theater: http://www.pushpushtheater.com/
Center for Puppetry Arts http://www.puppet.org/


Whippersnappers http://www.whippersnappers.net
ARM http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AtlantaRegionalMunch/
WHIMPER http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WHIMPER/
Georgia BDSM Lifestyle http://www.atlantaeagle.com/Intro.html


1763 http://www.1763.net/
Studio Eris http://fetlife.com/groups/4861


Piedmont Park http://www.piedmontpark.org/
Atlanta Botanical Gardens atlantabotanicalgarden.org/
Masquerade www.masq.com

Atlanta Livejournal communities:



Dragon Con http://www.dragoncon.org/
Anime Weekend Atlanta http://www.awa-con.com/
Atlanta Comic Convention http://www.atlantacomicconvention.com/
Sci Fi Summer Con http://sfscon.tripod.com/

Belly Dance


Burlesque in Atlanta

Syrens of the South http://www.myspace.com/syrensofthesouth
Blast off Burlesque http://www.blastoffburlesque.com/
Dames A Flame http://www.damesaflame.com/
BCB http://www.bigcityburlesque.com/ and there myspace http://www.myspace.com/bigcityburlesque

If you would like me to add a webpage, lj community or myspace, please email me.