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ninsun in dark_atlanta

Halloween stuff

Capturing the Spirit of Oakland Cemetery Continues all weekend
6pm Scarecrows in the Garden at the Bot Gardens
7pm The Deep Begins at Brownwood Park
7:30pm Nosferatu Plays at the Plaza Theater
8pm? NIN at Philips Arena
9pm Retro Video Night at the Shelter
5pm Sukoshi Con: Athens Anime Academy begins
6pm Martini's and Imax Fright Fest at Fernbank Museum of Natural History
8pm Gary Numan at Masq
8pm Halloween event at the DooGallery
9pm Halloween Party at the Shelter
10pm Horrible Children annual halloween party  at the Atrium
10pm Secret Room presents '999 Hells' at the Jungle
Fox Theater Ghost Tours
4pm Owl-o-Ween festival at KSU
8pm Scoutmob Halloween Party at the Goat Farm
10pm Iris Halloween Party at Rush Lounge
10pm Halloween Party at Opera
All the weekend long things end. :_:
Now to decide what to do! So many options!