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ninsun in dark_atlanta

Its almost halloween time!

Its getting closer and closer to HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6pm Scarecrows in the Garden at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens
8pm The Navigator plays threw this weekend at 7 Stages
8pm Song of the Living Dead at 7 Stages (plays Fri as well)
9pm 80s V 90s at the Shelter


Pride Weekend Begins
7pm Castleberry Hill Art Stroll
7pm Work of Body at Portal Gallery
9pm Ritual's Vampire Ball
11pm SteamPunk Friday at the Edgewood Speakeasy


12pm Day of the Cupcake at Sacred Heart
6pm Doors open for Danzig at Center Stage
7pm Day of the Cupcake continues at Star Community Bar
9pm Combichrist at the Shelter
10pm the Sh*t Show at Opera


12pm Pride Parade
2pm Whippersnappers munch at the HIghlander

So much to do and so little time! So ladies and gents...... what am i missing?